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First Sunday: LGBT@St Columba's

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Our vision needs your help

St Columba's has a vision for a pioneering ministry to support gender non-conforming and transgender people and their families and friends, and to improve understanding in the United Reformed Church and beyond of the issues transgender and gender non-conforming people face.

We're putting together funding for the first three years of the ministry. St Columba's is able to provide a lot of the funding from church funds, but we need pledges to cover the rest.

Could you help? More details of the project and how to pledge your support are on the St Columba's website.

LGBTQ+ and Christian in Oxford UK? FIRST SUNDAY is fellowship for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, or questioning their sexuality (LGBTQ). We're part of St Columba's United Reformed Church in Oxford, UK, and meet there on the first Sunday of the month. You don't have to be LGBTQ or a Christian to come along.

Our Sunday evening meetings start with some time to catch up over coffee, pizza and cake. Then we have an activity for the evening which may be a visiting speaker, a discussion or something crafty, and we finish the evening with a simple communion.


Many the hearts that yearn to belong - Safer sacred spaces for LGBTQIA+ Christians
@: St Columba's United Reformed Church, Oxford (off Alfred St, near All Bar One)
Date: Sunday 7th November 2021 from 7.15pm

Keiran Bohan joins us to talk about his experiences as Coordinator of the Open Table Network.

With coffee and pizza, time to chat, and finishing with communion.