First Sundaypositively inclusive christian fellowship

First Sunday: LGBT@St Columba's

Positively inclusive Christian Fellowship

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Our ground rules

We value each other and our differences.

So, when we meet:

  • we listen, without judgment, to understand one another;
  • we take our turn then let others speak, so that we do not dominate the conversation;
  • we share as much or as little of our experience as we want to: no-one is forced to speak; and
  • we affirm each other's ways of loving and becoming who God has created us to be.

We value each other's safety.

So, when we meet:

  • we are mindful in our conversation of the effect we are having on others and we seek to build each other up; and
  • we keep what is said within the group, no-one else needs to know.

Rhythm of FirstSunday

These are our values. They describe who we are and how we come together. They inform our common life.


FirstSunday provides a nurturing Community where we are accepted and free to be who God made us, without apology.


Welcoming strangers and friends, opening up our home and offering good food, great coffee and fabulous fellowship, we value each person's individuality and diversity and entertain angels.


We celebrate acceptance, diversity and inclusivity. It's a celebration of our uniqueness, individuality and our freedom. We rejoice in the love of God for us as wonderful people, divinely created, liberated to be our true selves.

FirstSunday is the place where we celebrate home-coming and fellowship with our faith family, drawing on our rich Christian tradition that sustains and equips us for fullness of life.

It's the place where we can dance on prejudice and injustice.


First Sunday is a safe place where every individual is invited to come as they are, potentially to find a way to God, to experience community, friendship and unconditional acceptance - in a word, to feel "at home".

We are a place for nurture and growth, both for ourselves as individuals and as a community.


We value meeting face to face and spending time with each other. Making friends and building relationships enables us to be at ease with ourselves and to grow into the unique people God intended us to be.


As individuals, we weave our own web of connections and we encourage one another to reflect who we are to the Church, the wider community and to the world.